Upcoming Lecture! Don’t miss out!

The Hamburger Lecture on Community Series presents:

An Investigation into why Arden

is (or is not) a Utopian Community

Tuesday Evening, January 17

7:30 in the Upper Gild Hall

This program is a video and slide presentation by Dr. Pamela Monaco, Temple University Professor, and her students. A public reception will follow.

Over the past number of years, Pamela Beth Monaco, professor in the Department of Intellectual Heritage at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, has been assigning groups of students to investigate why Arden is (or is not) a Utopian community.  The students used as primary reference the three books, Thomas More’s “Utopia”, Jane Jacobs’ “Death and Life and Great American Cities”, and “Home” by Ryzbinski.  In addition to these references, the students performed field research with visits to the Ardens. The students have come in small groups and met with people in the community, videotaped interviews with residents, asked questions about the way people live in the Ardens. Some have attended Town Meetings, ACRA and other community events, visited the Arden Craft Shop Museum, joined walking tours of the architecture, history and landscape of the village, and learned about Henry George and his economic principles. Professor Pamela Monaco and a group of the students will share their findings, experienced, perceptions of our Utopian community.

A reception will follow.

This program is supported through the Hamburger Lecture on Community Series fund, and made possible by the efforts of the Arden Archives, Arden Craft Shop Museum, and the Georgist Gild and the Scholars Gild of the Arden Club.  Thanks to Russ McKinney for his involvement in coordinating visits with the students and giving the students help on navigating Arden.


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