At the Small Museum Association Conference

Last week, myself and  2 volunteers from the museum attended the Small Museum Association conference in Ocean City, Maryland. This conference is meant to engage, connect, and educate small to medium-sized museums about techniques and best practices.

This was actually our second year attending the conference. There we joined other institutions in the quest to improve our methods and to be inspired to create enthusiasm within our community about our history.

This year’s conference seemed to focus on social media and outreach. The Arden Craft Shop Museum is located in the small community of Arden, DE and seeks to educate the community on the history, residents, and life in the villages of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft. Though representing a very small community, the use of social media and outreach can expand the museum’s reach beyond our immediate community.

My volunteers who also attended the conference expressed interest in this aspect of the conference as well. Though we usually utilize more traditional forms of advertising, by slowly adding easy-to-use social media outlets such as Facebook and our blog, the Arden Craft Shop Museum should be able to easily expand our audience.

I hope that we can continue to keep our Facebook and blog up-to-date so that our growing audience can see that we are an active member of our community. As always our blog is open to comments and suggestions from our public.

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