A Visit from Bryn Gweled

The Arden Craft Shop Museum and the Georgist Gild of the Arden Club co- hosted a group of visitors from Bryn Gweled Homestead at the Gild Hall on Monday, July 16th. Nine residents from Bryn Gweled came to the Ardens and met with ten Ardenites on that hot Monday afternoon to learn more about the Ardens and how we operate. We enjoyed “sharing” community knowledge with each other.

We also had a wonderful “picnic” lunch at the Gild Hall in the air conditioned dining room. They met with representatives of the Arden Building and Loan  to learn how we finance mortgages (without owning the land) and visited the Arden Craft Shop Museum followed by a short walking tour of Arden. It was a steamy hot day, so we walked and talked and sat in the Frank Stephens Memorial theater, in the shade, for an informal talk about the history of Arden and the founding Georgist principles. We wrapped up the day with questions and answers, back in the dining room with the cool AC. All of us learned a lot about each other.

Bryn Gweled is an intentional community that has a lot of similarities to Arden, collecting land rent (a Henry George economic principle), community activities etc. See their website to learn more:  http://bryngweled.org/

Many thanks to the representatives from the Arden Craft Shop Museum and the Georgist Gild for making this day great and welcoming the visitors from Bryn Gweled!

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