January Object of the Month – What Is It?

Mystery Object of the Month

We recently lost a member of the Arden Craft Shop Museum family. Bernie Schwab was a beloved brother, uncle, neighbor, friend, and the dedicated caretaker of the Arden Craft Shop Museum. His family graciously donated several pieces of Arden history that Bernie owned.

One of these pieces is a great example of work produced by the former Craft Shop. However, we’re unsure of its exact use. It stands on three legs and from the look of it, the top of it spins (or used to spin as the case may be). We were thinking that it would hold coals in a fireplace. We can’t be sure though.

2013-01-24_18-47-06_460 (2) 2013-01-24_18-48-46_65 (2)

Does anyone out there know what this piece is and what its use was? Any comments are welcome! If you are feeling shy, feel free to email us at ardencraftshopmuseum@gmail.com with your comments!

The other pieces that Bernie’s family donated will be featured in a future blog. We are very thankful that they donated these pieces to us. We dearly miss Bernie and our thoughts continue to be with his family.

4 thoughts on “January Object of the Month – What Is It?

  1. It is 7-1/2″ tall? If so, it is the Arden Forge’s “Little Tripod Twist.” I’m not sure exactly how it was used, but it was in the Forge’s catalog with the candlesticks and lamp stands. Does it hold a candle in the center of the base? -Rachael Beyer

    • Hi Rachael, The piece is actually 10 1/2″ tall. The bowl of the object has a nut in the center of it where the bowl is attached to the scroll work legs.

      We had one guess via email suggesting that the bowl is not original to the legs. After looking at the piece closely, the bowl is actually a different alloy and was probably added at a later date. The email guess suggested that it was used as a lamp – either oil or electrical. It would’ve held a glass globe/bowl in the center. Since the piece is to fragile to take a part, we’re just not sure. The email also asked for size clarification of the piece:

      It is 10 1/2″ tall and the bowl is 6 1/2″ in diameter and 3 1/4″ deep.

      We’re still not sure of its use or if it was indeed used as a light source. What we do know is that the legs resemble the scroll of typical Arden Forge pieces, while the smooth bowl was probably added later. We are still unsure of its function.

      Any more guesses?

  2. 1. The holes in the bottom of the bowl as well as in the stand remind me of the air control vents of a charcoal grill. If the hole in the in the botton center of the stand is open top to bottom, it might have been mounted on a base of the same style in order to raise it off the floor to be used as a source of light or heat.
    2. Perhaps it was a planter and the holes allowed for drainage. As above, the bowl/stand could have been mounted on a base.

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