Meet the New Curator!

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), I am incredibly excited and honored to be welcomed into the Ardens community as the new Curator of the Arden Craft Shop Museum. Each time I visit Arden, the Arden Fair, or the surrounding area, I am more intrigued by the unique way of life that has been carefully crafted here over the past 100 years. But before I stumble over myself about my enthusiasm for working here, I suppose I should say a bit about myself.

I am a native of Colorado, the beautiful, colorful state with a mountain playground in the backyard. Important things to know about my childhood:

  • I attended the Colorado Renaissance Fair every year from age 5 to age 23.
  • My mother and father instilled in me a love of gardening, Shakespeare, and finger paints.
  • Having both a dog and a cat made it impossible to decided whether I belong to the “Dog Person” or “Cat Lovers” camp.

I attended the University of San Francisco for my BA, during which time I studied history, art history, arts management, and business. I currently attend the University of Delaware as a graduate student, and I will graduate this May with an MA in History (concentration on Medieval and Early Modern Europe) and a Certificate in Museum Studies. Important things to know about my adult life:

  • I love to travel so much that I will take an adventure even if no one else will go with me–which is how I wound up on a crowded Parisian street by myself in the middle of August and went back to my hostel that night having made two new friends from France with whom I now keep up regular correspondence.
  • I grew up playing piano, but have been unable to locate one accessible to the public since arriving in Delaware. Consequently, if anyone has a piano open but with no one to play it, I humbly offer my services.
  • All of my pets have been named after literary figures. My current black-and-white tomcat is named Thorin Oakenshield after that brave dwarf from The Hobbit.

On that note, I will have a conversation with anyone about their animals, so if you fancy a chat, stop on by on Wednesday during museum hours, and we can look around the exhibits and discuss the crazy things our cats do. I’m still getting to know the museum, which has a wonderful–and surprisingly large–collection, and I hope to familiarize myself with the archives and exhibits soon. I will be working closely with the committee to plan upcoming exhibits, find ways that our ever-valuable volunteers can continue contributing to the museum’s success, and keep working on rehousing and stabilizing objects in the collection. The good work Robin has done to organize and care for the collections has been instrumental in furthering the museum’s accessibility and intellectual control of its collections. We are very lucky that she will stay on as a collections volunteer so we can continue to work with her.

To sum up, I can’t wait to become more acquainted with the Ardens, and it sounds like the upcoming months are a great time to do so. As I understand it, the next round of performances at the Field Theatre will be of Much Ado About Nothing–my favorite Shakespeare play, of course–and the theatre techie in me wants to start volunteering for everything around here! One step at a time, however. As I mentioned, please feel free to stop by during museum hours to check out the museum as we develop new exhibits or visit your favorite existing exhibits. I look forward to getting to know the Ardens!


New Curator

1 thought on “Meet the New Curator!

  1. I look forward to visiting the Arden Craft Shop Museum and seeing the work that you and the volunteers and staff do. It sounds like a very interesting place and a perfect fit for the new curator.

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