Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The Quest for Arden Fair T-Shirts Has Begun

Invite Final Draft 1The Arden Craft Shop Museum is proud to announce its ninth anniversary exhibit, Dressed to the Nines: The T-Shirts of the Arden Fair. This exhibit will celebrate local artists, the traditions of the Arden Fair, and the genre of wearable art.

However, we need your help to put this exhibit together. The ACSM has many of the 35+ Arden Fair t-shirts in our collection or on loan, but we are also missing a number of years. If you have shirts from any of the years listed below and you would like to donate or loan them to us for the duration of the exhibit, we would be thrilled.

Years we are missing:

If you would like to arrange a donation or loan, please email ardencraftshopmuseum@gmail.com or call 302.475.3060.

Furthermore, if you have any information on when the tradition of the Arden Fair t-shirts began, we’d love to hear what you know. If you are an artist of any of the Arden Fair t-shirts and are willing to share original artwork, artist statements, or other information about your design, please e-mail us at ardencraftshopmuseum@gmail.com or call 302.475.3060.

Please note: the ACSM will only be accepting donations of t-shirts that we do not already have in our collection. With our limited storage space, we have to be careful what we accept, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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